Several years ago I frequently worked from home while caring for my ailing wife.  These were  uncertain times with much to contemplate and no time to reflect.  I could not stop the unwanted changes that were coming to my world.  As I worked from my home office I would often watch the leaves in the trees outside my window as they blew in the wind.  I was taken by the softness of the leaves against the immovable hardness of the tree trunks.  To me they represented the shifting sands of time.  And of the bittersweet impermanence and beauty of life.  They were a reminder that there are forces impacting our lives that we cannot see and cannot control.  
In this set of photos I set out to capture the wonder and mystery I felt when watching those leaves blowing outside my window.  And, to capture the essence of the spiritual life-force that binds us with nature and to one another. 
This project is dedicated to the memory of  my late wife, Jenelline Young. 
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