21st Century Digital Cave Art
In prehistoric times artists would enter caves with pigments made from plants and minerals to make representative images of their world.  They would document their hunts, their battles,their gods, and the animals of the  land they inhabited.  Today, artists have a wide variety of mediums available to them.  Some of which exist entirely in the digital realm.  A realm where no pigment is used, no brushes are required, and images can be rendered simply by describing the scene in the artists mind.
To create these images I have entered a metaphorical “Digital Cave” to create artwork representative of today’s world.  I use a variety of photographic and digital tools to create mixed-media images reflective of our post-pandemic society.  I am attempting to tap into the manifestation of some of our most primal instincts juxtaposed with modern societal  fears.   I explore the nexus of the angst and anxiety of our time with supernatural and spiritual constructs that have been at the core of humanity since the beginning of our species.
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